We stumbled across the above photo of two pre-teens beer-bonging Mountain Dew in a post-office parking lot, which got us thinking: what other liquids have bored humans attempted to funnel into their mouths?

The twerps were probably just bored after karate practice—can you blame them? We don’t, especially in light of all the other obscene beverages teens have funneled through a beer bong. Take a look:

Pickle Juice Beer Bong

We’re guessing that immediately before this happened, the shirtless teen in the video beer bonged a fifth of Jameson, because we can find no other reasonable explanation for why anyone would ever imbibe that much pickle juice.

Milk Gallon Beer Bong

It’s a well known fact that teenagers will do anything if they’re dared to, even chug milk until they puke.

Red Bull Beer Bong

Word of advice: don’t have your designated driver funnel two cans of Red Bull into his stomach before driving you home. He’ll probably pass out before you do.

Coffee Cocktail Beer Bong

This dude mixed two cups of coffee with six shots of a creamy rum liqueur. He then chugged the mixture through a beer bong, proving that humanity is doomed.

Four Loko Beer Bong

It’s worth noting that this video is from 2010, a simpler time when Four Loko still had caffeine in it. No word on if this frat star is still alive or not.