Modern Romance author Aziz Ansari knows a thing or two about Italian cuisine, but no one can ever really know enough about pasta and pizza.

In true “treat yo self” fashion, Ansari decided to take his knowledge of Italian food to the next level and hopped on a plane to Italy. While celebrities like Beyoncé and Chrissy Teigen have already started to make their mark on the Italian peninsula, none have embraced the lifestyle quite as well as Aziz. In just a few short days, he learned more than a few tips and tricks for immersing oneself in a world where cheese, ham, and lasagna reign supreme.

From carbo-loading to jumping off cliffs, here’s how to live life #soItalian according to Ansari:

Educate Yourself On All Things Cheese…

Cheese. #LivingSoItalian

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…so you can enjoy it in the form of lasagna later on

Lasagna. #LivingSoItalian

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Observe the locals

Go H.A.M. in front of some ham

I’m about to go ham. #LivingSoItalian

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Always quote Ludacris during important life moments

“I jump in pools and make a big splash” – Ludacris #LivingSoItalian

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Don’t forget you’re here for the food

More lasagna. #LivingSoItalian

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