It’s no secret that barbecue—and more specifically, brisket—has stolen the hearts of Americans nationwide, yet some have taken the obsession too far, causing a few brutal barbecue accidents.

At a Danville, Kentucky barbecue festival, one South Carolina pitmaster picked up an entire brisket out of the cooker and chucked it, hitting an innocent woman standing in the line of fire. The cook became enraged and flung the piece of brisket at his fellow competitors because they had been “hogging the grill.”

Forty-two-year-old Kentucky resident Mike Owings was not happy he had to share a grill with a nearby vendor. He grew impatient that his grill-mate was a grill hog, eventually leading Owings to lash out by throwing his brisket after his anger reached its threshold. The brisket, which was rumored to be over 200 degrees fahrenheit, hit a female worker for Firehouse BBQ, leaving her with barbecue burn marks.

WKTY reports,

[pullquote]“[The brisket] caused burns to her neck, back and shoulder. She was treated on the scene by Boyle EMS.”  [/pullquote]

While the “weapon” was not recovered—someone probably ate it—Owings was detained by the police at the Boyle County Jail until he was released on Monday.

Texas Monthly BBQ Editor and smoked meat evangelist Daniel Vaughn points out that Owings had “serious convictions” years before he got a misdemeanor for tossing brisket.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t the only barbecue lash-out to happen in recent history. Last week, one man shot two neighbors after he was served a cold piece of meat at a funeral fundraiser.

[via WKYT]