No matter where you go, it’s hard to escape news of presidential candidate Donald Trump. His face can be seen everywhere, literally.

A Saint Louis radio station reports that Wildwood, Missouri resident Jan Castellano found an all-too familiar face staring back at her when she opened her container of Earth Balance vegan butter. Much to her surprise, Castellano saw Donald Trump’s iconic face staring back at her, straight off the set of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Who knows, the container of butter might even make a better presidential candidate than Trump himself.

The doppelgänger rivals other food-celebrity lookalikes like the Jesus-shaped Cheeto or those fish sticks that looked a hell of a lot like E.T.

Meanwhile, U.S. citizens are spotting the demented face of Donald Trump in a multitude of foodstuff.

Absolutely terrifying.

[via KSDK]