You probably hear stories of PETA members throwing paint on fur-wearers all the time. But what if the tables were turned, and the animal rights activists were suddenly the ones being attacked?

A woman in north eastern Spain struck an animal rights activist over the head repeatedly with a live bird during the annual “duck chase” in Roses. According to The Daily Mail, the Catalonian woman was defending the controversial duck-chase tradition, which involves birds being tossed into the Mediterranean, and then caught and brought back to the shore by swimmers.


The Spanish woman shows no mercy when it comes to both the duck and activist. The Daily Mail describes the rutheless attack:

As the attack goes on, animal rights activists gathered on the shore can be heard chanting, ‘You would not do that to your dog,’ before they were removed by police.

‘Continue, continue. Continue to abuse, I am filming you. A little bit of empathy for the animals. They also have a life, like your children or your family,’ the man who was filming can be heard saying in a video of the incident released by animal rights group Animal Rescue Espana.

After the video went viral, the town’s mayor is considering ending the centuries-old duck chase tradition.

[via The Daily Mail]