What began as a jab at rappers who don’t write their own music turned into one of the greatest music beefs of all time, and Whataburger wants in.

For anyone who isn’t up to speed on the Drake and Meek Mill saga, the Philly rapper accused Drake of having a ghost writer, prompting the OVO king to produce two diss tracks. Then, Meek Mill responded with this utter trash.

Drake let his music speak for itself, and social media decided to side with the Toronto-based rapper. Fast-food chains ranging from White Castle to Burger King have taken a jab at Meek Mill, but no one in particular has taken the jabs as far as Whataburger.

The Texas-based burger joint serves as a cult favorite for hamburger lovers. Although the chain isn’t at all related to either of the rappers or their hometowns, it still found the need to narrate the Drake-Mill beef.

Whataburger’s cryptic jokes began immediately after Drake released his second diss track in response to Meek Mill’s accusations.

While Drake himself may not have responded directly to any of Meek Mill’s claims, Whataburger continued to power through, inserting Twitter jabs where appropriate.

At Drake’s Toronto OVO Fest, it was rumored the rapper would go for the three-peat, and officially end Meek Mill’s career. But while the world is still waiting on his next fire track, Drake gave a little nod to his fans, as he performed with Meek memes in the background during his set. Whataburger’s jabs were brightly displayed, demonstrating that the 6 God approves of everything the burger chain is doing.

Meek, on the other hand, is taking a cue from Drake and laying low. Looks like the Philly rapper has learned a hard lesson in minding your own business.

UPDATE: Although the public is sort of over the Drake-Mill beef at this point, they’re also sort of not (and neither is Whataburger).