Earlier this summer, we spoke to the man who hooked a 1,365-pound marlin, which left us all wondering how anyone could catch a sea creature the size of six NFL players.

And now, 16-year-old Kai Rizzuto has hooked a monstrous 1,058-pound marlin on a fishing trip to Kona, Hawaii with his grandfather. The Brooklyn native, who grew up fishing, was able to reel in the thrashing animal after a 30-minute fight.


Kai tells CNN, “It was jumping straight out of the water, fully breached, shaking its head trying to free itself. I was really hoping and praying that nothing would happen to this fish and that it wouldn’t break off [the line].”

Lucky for Kai, after a long and hard fight, the fish was able to make it to the boat; although, it unfortunately did not make it alive.

Kai’s grandfather Jim Rizzuto explains, “This fish came to the boat dead, upside down on its back, there was no chance of reviving it. By and large, we try and release every blue marlin we can as a conservation measure, but sometimes in a hard fight the fish dies and there is nothing you can do.”


Kai tells CNN that the fish was 14 feet long, and “five times as big as me.”

The aftermath of the catch left Kai with a few blisters and an idea of a new career path. He explains, “This makes me want to go into ocean science or to study the bigger creatures out there. Maybe I want to be a captain. I want to keep my options open.”

The fish will not be put to waste. Rizzuto says they will be using the fish for meat which will be shared with anyone who wants a piece. The large size of the marlin will provide enough protein to feed around 100 people. We’re hoping the Rizzuto family takes a note from Guy Kitaoka and makes marlin sausage.


Photo: Ihu Nui Sportfishing

[via CNN]