Living in a new country can result in some major culture shock, especially when your favorite foods aren’t readily available. Trying local delicacies is always an adventure in itself, but sometimes you just crave the taste of your favorite snacks from home. No one understands this feeling better than Los Angeles rapper Tyler, the Creator. After his rap career has taken him around the world and back, Tyler picked up a few tips and tricks for anyone who’s traveling abroad and missing their beloved jar of Skippy peanut butter.

Here are Tyler, the Creator’s tried-and-true hacks for eating like a typical American tourist while traveling abroad:

Carry Goods from Home in Your Suitcase

When traveling abroad, you are making the conscious decision to part ways with your favorite local foods to sample the delicacies other countries have to offer. But for the times you’re homesick or craving some late-night pancakes, it never hurts to have a stash of Aunt Jemima packed in your suitcase. Tyler goes the extra mile, bringing along a hot plate and skillet so he’s ready whenever the pancake craving hits.

Get Creative with Ingredients

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If you’re going to go for an all-American meal, you might as well go all out. Tyler creates some next-level pancakes by sprinkling Cinnamon Toast Crunch into his late-night meal to get all the tastes of home in one convenient short stack.

Practice Makes Perfect


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There is no better time to perfect pancake flipping than the present. If you keep up your homestyle cooking whilst living abroad, you might just come home with a new talent.

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