“You know Wiz is on the wax now, so I’m the weed king,” said Ty Dolla $ign in a recent Fader interview.

It doesn’t take too much convincing to believe him: The L.A.-based rapper and R&B singer went on record to say he smokes “at least 10 to 20 joints a day—about an ounce every two days,” and he joins Snoop and Wiz as one of the few rappers to have a strain of cannabis named after him.

While his smoking process is well-documented, Ty is also no stranger to the potent edible scene of Los Angeles’ cannabis clubs. And for good reason—why bother waiting for the munchies to kick in?

From weed cereal to dank s’mores, the King of Tokes walks us through his go-to dispensary snacks.

1. White Chocolate Bar

whitechocoTy says: “Because it reminds me of Hershey’s white chocolate and gets me high as fuck.” (Photo: royceconfectusa.com)

2. Sour Candy

sourpatchTy says: “Definitely try the Sour Patch Watermelon flavor.” (Photo: analytical360.com)

3. Cereal

capnTy says: “Weed Cap’n Crunch is fire.”

4. Cookies

sugarTy says: “Most people go with the chocolate chip, but the sugar cookies are the ones.” (Photo: Flickr/Vegan Fest Catering)

5. Graham Crackers

smoresTy says: “Two words: weed s’mores.” (Photo: onekit.com)

6. Tootsie Rolls

tootsieTy says: “Classic—you can’t go wrong with these.” (Photo: Wikicommons)