No, you’re not seeing double. A farmer in Xinkou, China found this two-headed piglet outside of a Buddhist Temple and decided to adopt the animal and raise it as his own.

The pig is able to eat with both of its mouths, has two eyes and three ears, and is possibly the cutest living thing on this planet.


Screenshot via Youtube

Yang Jinliang, the man who adopted the adorable two-headed creature, is trying his best to keep the pig alive. But because it’s head weighs so much, the piglet isn’t able to walk or stand without collapsing under its own weight. Jinliang has kept his new pet alive so far by feeding it baby formula from a bottle.

The Daily Mail reports that while there have been other two-headed pigs born in China, most of them die within the first week or two of their life.

Jinliang hopes that he can use the mutant piglet’s newfound celebrity to get in touch with experts who might be able to give advice on how to best raise the animal and keep it strong. Meanwhile, we’ll be praying for the little guy.


Screenshot via Youtube

[via Daily Mail]

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