Senior portraits represent the culmination of everything you’ve been working towards the part four years. In other words, they’re are a big deal.

Some students pose with their musical instrument or a sports trophy as a way to remember their high-school passions. Senior Brittany Nicole Creech taught everyone a lesson in “you do you,” and took her senior photos at a restaurant that held a special place in her heart.

Creech brought along photographer Brendan Batchelor to take her G.O.A.T. senior photos at Taco Bell. The student is photographed standing in line at the restaurant’s cash register, eating her Mexican fast food, and sipping on a Baja Blast.

The heartwarming photographs captured the attention of not only the public, but also Taco Bell. The chain decided Creech accomplished the ultimate life goals.

Creech is a modern-day hero, and we vote her “Most Likely to Eat Crunchwraps in College.”

[via Mashable]