After Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer killed the beloved African lion Ceil and ruined his career, the world has become very vocal about their hatred of big-game hunting.

On August 2nd, Jonah Lupton, an entrepreneur with a hefty Twitter following, tweeted out photos of what appears to be the owner of Jimmy John’s, Jimmy John Liautaud, posing with large animals that he killed. While Liautaud has yet to confirmed those pictures are actually of him, the man pictured posing with dead leopards, rhinos, and elephants while on a hunting-spree in Africa sure as hell looks like Liautaud.

Although the photos are old and date back to at least 2011, it hasn’t stopped the public from boycotting the sandwich chain. The tweet, which received over three thousand retweets, encourages the public to rethink giving Jimmy John’s business.

Although, we don’t doubt his eventual response will be, “That’s me, Jimmy John, hunting gorgeous animals.” How can we be so confident? A newsletter called The Hunting Report has records of several of Liautaud’s big-game hunts.

[via Grub Street]