A new test of endurance is hitting Tesco shelves this week. The Komodo Dragon pepper, a fiery beast that ranks in at an impressive 1.4 million Scoville units (SHU), will be the hottest pepper ever to hit supermarket shelves in the U.K. While it may not be the world’s hottest pepper (the Carolina Reaper measures in at 2,200,000 SHU), the Dragon’s unique delayed kick makes it one of the most difficult peppers to consume. According to Tesco buyer Eleanor Mansell, the pepper is not to be messed with. She states,

“At first you can taste a wonderful hot fruitiness, but then after about 10 seconds the full might of this little demon hits you and your whole mouth is aglow. This is definitely a chilli pepper for connoisseurs and for those who are experienced in eating super-hot food.”

The delayed reaction gives the taster a “false sense of security,” which can lead a person to consume more of the pepper, causing a bigger spice kick later on.

If you’re hoping to cop the pepper for yourself, you can find it in 500 Tesco stores from now until November.

Komodo Dragon pepper grower Grower Salvatore Genovese believes that the increase in spicy food popularity has created a higher demand for the world’s spiciest peppers. He explains,

“Chilli peppers have really grown in popularity over the last 10 years and feature strongly in a lot of the UK’s favourite dishes – from curries, Thai and Chinese food, to Mexican cuisine, as well as pizzas. But it’s the really hot ones that gain the most interest and so each year I try and grow one hotter than the last. I have chilli heads – as they’re known – contacting me from all over the world asking for samples.”

Not only have people been posting videos of themselves on YouTube attempting to consume the spiciest peppers raw, but fast-food chains have also hopped on the trend. Earlier this week, Burger King announced its new “Fiery Chicken Fries” which they believe are “so spicy it might offend you.”

[via The Guardian]