The public recently figured out that The Fat Jew is making a living off of plagiarized jokes and memes.

After The Fat Jew signed a deal with Creative Artists Agency, hundreds of people began angrily tweeting at and reaching out to Josh Ostrovsky, the man behind The Fat Jew, demanding to be credited for their work.

The Fat Jew taught us all a lesson in the consequences of plagiarism. Ostrovsky offered a clunky apology to Vulture, and began giving people credit for their jokes, but it was too late—the plagiarism charges had already begun stripping him of business opportunities.

Seamless is cutting all ties with The Fat Jew, who served as the face of the company’s recent ad campaign. And Kenji López-Alt, the brain behind the Serious Eats column The Food Lab, recently announced that he is canceling his involvement with the 2015 NYC Wine and Food Festival ramen party after The Fat Jew was added as a host to the event.

López-Alt explains in a Facebook post that he and the Serious Eats team were responsible for planning and organizing the NYWFF ramen party event, but they had no idea about The Fat Jew’s involvement in the event. Kenji’s post points out that this is another case in which Ostrovsky takes credit for something that doesn’t belong to him. He says,

“Serious Eats and I came up with the idea and executed all of the planning and organization. It was marketed with my name, my book, and Serious Eats from the get-go… It was last Monday that I opened up the event’s official website and saw not our even, but The Fat Jew’s ramen party. His face, his name, all listed above ours, despite the fact that we were neither consulted nor alerted to his involvement in the event.”

In two post updates, Kenji notes that Jin, Ivan Ramen, Mu Ramen, and Sun Ramen have also cancelled their involvement with the event.

[via Facebook/The Food Lab]

Correction: A previous version of the story incorrectly mentioned that the talent agency Ostrovsky reportedly signed with, Creative Artists Agency, had dropped him. As of this writing, he’s still with CAA.