Ever wonder how that imperial IPA you’re drinking got all that hoppy, malty goodness? Ever have trouble trying to read about it after finishing that 12% barrel-aged brew?

Beer nerds, rejoice: The Comic Book Story of Beer has arrived. Written by Jonathan Hennessey and brewer Mike Smith, and illustrated by Aaron Mcconnell, this full-color graphic novel depicts the last 9,000 years of beer history.

egyptian beer page

The graphic novel details the rise of beer as a cultural phenomenon as well as the science behind the brewing process. The authors, looking for a new way to spread the gospel of all things fermented, thought that delivering information by way of stories and pictures would be less bitter on readers’ palates than traditional beer books.

“A lot of beer books tend to be very serious, and I think the comic medium allowed us to tell the story of beer with a degree of levity,” Smith said in an interview with NPR. 

Lager Comic Page

With history lessons starting at 7,000 B.C. and ending with the current craft-beer movement, the graphic novel touches on everything from the payment of Egyptian pyramid builders in beer, to how porters originated as a mix-and-match of new and stale beers to cheat customers and the tax man.

The Comic Book Story of Beer will offer a break from Beer Advocate for beer nerds, and a break from Marvel for the comic-book obsessives—not to mention easy-to-follow beer knowledge for everyone else.

The book will be released September 22nd by Random House Books, and you can preorder your advanced copy right here.

Porter Comic Page

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