An Iowa employee has been arrested for allegedly creating a meth lab inside a Taco Bell. 

Chris Matous, 31, and his partner Kent Duby, 56, were caught outside the restaurant at 5am on Tuesday morning, supposedly cooking meth and not anxiously awaiting Taco Bell’s new breakfast items.

The Walter and Jesse-esque duo’s meth-cooking paraphernalia was found in the utility area of the restaurant. After police searched the restaurant, the criminals were charged with possession of methamphetamine and various meth ingredients, and conspiracy to manufacture product.

Taco Bell wants to make it very clear that although the lab was secretly located inside the restaurant, the drug was not manufactured near the kitchen area or any food. The restaurant also wants the public to know this is a one-time deal and there won’t be any more incidents like this in the future.

“We understand that two people, one an employee, entered our franchisee’s restaurant illegally, allegedly possessing suspicious items. Both we and our franchisee find this completely unacceptable. Our franchisee has been cooperating with Cedar Rapids Police to investigate this isolated incident. Although the suspicious items found in the restaurant were not used in the kitchen, the employee has been terminated and our franchisee is considering pressing criminal charges. The restaurant will reopen after it has been sanitized inspected by the Health Department.”

After a man found meth in his In-N-Out milkshake, it’s no surprise that Taco Bell is jumping through hoops to make sure an incident like this never happens again.

[via Gawker]