Ever since the dawn of the emoji, poop has made the switch from unmentionable to adorable. But if you think a piece of dung reached peak cuteness just because of the poop emoji, think again.  A South Korean café has taken adorable poo to the next-level, dedicating its entire theme to how cute and delicious a piece of sh*t can be. 


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The Seoul-based Poop Cafe features a bathroom-themed setting, complete with toilet chairs and poop hats, so you too can become part of the shitty environment.

똥!? 궁금하다 !! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ このお店おもしろそうだけど、怖い!!ww #koreancafe#poopcafe#똥빵#똥#うんこ#カフェ

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Food items span from poop emoji-shaped biscuits and pastries to lattes served in toilet mugs. Rest assured, nothing tastes like sh*t.

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Ken Kum Lee, a blogger at Seoul State of Mind, spoke with Mashable about the phenomenon of cute poop in Korea. He states, “[the café] is seen as a normal cafe in Korea. I would say the ‘cute poop’ theme is very popular throughout Asia.”

Only Koreans would make Cute Poop Bread 똥빵 #insadong #obsessed #poopbread #poopcafe

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Although the Seoul Poop Cafe is only one of many shit-themed restaurants, the immense amount of attention the café has received may be proof enough that the idea should be brought out West.

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