The Canadians are always up to something. If it’s not eating french fries with gravy or taking trips to Tim Hortons, it’s stealing the shoes off of unsuspecting McDonald’s customers.

At least that’s what happened to a Simcoe, Ontario citizen Thursday morning. The man was sitting in the drive-thru line at McDonald’s with his feet dangling out the car window when a teen ran by and snatched the shoes right off his feet.

The shoeless man called local police, gave them a description of the suspect, told the 5-0 what his stolen shoes looked like, and went about his day.

Judging by his choice of footwear and his desire to have his feet hanging out the window at the McDonald’s drive-thru, we’re going to take a wild guess and say that Jack Johnson was blaring from his car. This music may have upset the teen, who then decided to jack his shoes.

Meanwhile, the shoeless man probably wrote the whole thing off as “kinda unchill,” and we’re sure the teen has already added footage of the incident to his Snapchat story.

[via CTV News]