Obesity levels have reached new heights in Scotland. According to Vice, Scottish funeral directors have warned that because of the increasing size of overweight Scottish people, the obese can no longer fit through the furnace doors for cremation. 

According to The Sunday Times, it has been estimated that almost two thirds of adults in Scotland are overweight, with 27.1% categorized as being obese, costing the Scottish government £4.6 billion [$7.2 billion] a year. As obesity levels rise, the demand for larger coffins to fit the larger corpses has increased.

The US-style coffins—designed for those too big for traditional-sized coffins—have caused cemetery owners to levy for additional charges for a larger burial space.


Photo: Flickr

While some cemeteries have begun offering larger ovens and refrigerators, The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) found that the larger size comes at a larger cost, causing many families to opt for burial instead of cremation.


The Scottish Health Survey for 2013 showed that 65% of Scottish adults are overweight; meanwhile, 62% of adults are overweight in England, and 58% are overweight in Wales.

[via Vice]