While Australians are busy experimenting with lettuce for buns at McDonald’s, their former colonial overlords are pushing burger architecture in the complete opposite direction.

In a move that would make American stunt-burger trailblazer PYT proud, a London food truck called Yeah Burger has introduced a new lineup of Scotch Egg Burgers, according to Buzzfeed.

For those who aren’t familiar, a Scotch egg is a glorious British invention featuring a hard-boiled egg encased in sausage meat, then breaded and deep fried. At Yeah Burger, Scotch eggs replace buns in creations like the Dragon (above): a lamb patty, caramelized leeks, and clamato beurre blanc, all wedged into a haggis-and-kedgeree Scotch egg.

Other versions include the Marco Polo, which has an aged-beef patty, lemon aioli, and manchego stuffed inside a chorizo Scotch egg:


And for vegetarians, there’s the Glaswegian, which includes buttermilk-fried tofu and a mushroom-and-quinoa Scotch egg.


Yeah Burger has two London locations and will be selling these monstrosities until August 22. Godspeed.

[via Buzzfeed]