Russia’s disdain for the Western Hemisphere—specifically the U.S.—is no secret. Under President Vladimir Putin, the country went so far as to ban imported food from the West after the United States, the E.U., and other major international organizations imposed sanctions on Russia for intervening in Ukraine last year.

Now, Russian authorities have begun bulldozing large quantities of illegally imported food from the West. According to an official decree from Putin, the destruction had to be filmed and witnesses had to be present before the bulldozing could occur.

The food that’s been bulldozed so far includes approximately 35 tons of Danish pork and ten tons of supposedly Western cheese in the Belgorod region—which you can watch get crushed above (the news organization that produced the video dubbed it “fromagicide”)—as well as unspecified quantities of Nutella and Mediterranean olives.

Here’s a Vine of the “fromagicide” in action:

Of course, many Russians aren’t happy with the legislation. According to The Guardian:

An online petition calling on the Kremlin to rethink the law has been signed by more than 170,000 people, saying it is grotesque to destroy food in a country where millions still live below the poverty line.

The petition asks: “Why should we destroy food we could use to feed war veterans, pensioners, the disabled, families with many children, or people who suffered in natural disasters?”

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the president had signed the law, and that meant discussion was over on the topic for now.

Current data suggests that around 23 million Russians currently live below the poverty line. Meanwhile, Putin’s self-imposed Western ban has not only hurt the Russia’s economy, but also those of the European countries that can no longer enter the Russian market.

Of course, the ban hasn’t stopped entrepreneurial citizens from continuing to bring black-market food into the country. An Italian imports specialist even went so far as to hire a Russian agency to develop advertisements that utilize eye-detecting software to change when police approach them.