News broke this week that former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle was found guilty of having sex with young girls and for sharing his collection of child pornography. Now, CNN and Inside Edition report that former Florida reporter Rochelle Herman secretly worked with the FBI in an attempt to take Fogle down after he made inappropriate remarks about her children. 

While attending an American Heart Association event at a middle school in Florida back in 2007, Jared allegedly opened up to Rochelle Herman when he believed the two of them were alone. Herman claims that out of the blue, Fogle told her that he “thought middle school girls were so hot.” The comment made Herman so uncomfortable that she decided to work as an undercover agent for the FBI to try and record footage of Fogle making additional inappropriate remarks.


Rochelle Herman (Screencapture: Inside Edition)

Herman explains that over a five-year period she was able to gain Fogle’s trust and get him to open up about his love for objectifying children. It became clear to the reporter that underage children was a subject Jared particularly enjoyed talking about. He grew more and more comfortable letting Herman in on his secret, making it obvious that Fogle was very confident he would never get caught.

After Fogel asked Rochelle if he could install cameras in the bedroom of one of her children, Herman knew she needed to gather as much information as she could to ensure Fogle would get the longest prison sentence possible.

She tells Inside Edition,

“I had two young children at the time, and he talked to me about installing hidden cameras in their rooms and asked me if I would choose which child I would like him to watch.”

The comments inspired her to inform Subway of Fogle’s outrageous behavior. Unfortunately the company ignored Herman’s claims and never returned her call.

She details,

“I told them how Jared had approached my children—that I met him during my radio show program—and that he had approached my children and had made sexual comments about wanting to do things with my children and their friends. I never got a ‘Thank you for emailing’ or anything like that, but I sent it and it did go through.”

Fogle has been found guilty for molesting 14 victims in multiple states and possession of child pornography. He currently is looking at up to 240 months in jail for sharing his collection of child pornography, and another 360 months for statutory rape.

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