A Singapore McDonald’s located in a Jurong Spring Community Club housed one of the most pitiful fights in restaurant-brawl history. 

The footage begins with a man in a white shirt spouting off allegedly racist remarks to a couple trying to order a meal. The man in the brown shirt walks away from the angry man in an attempt to avoid getting violent.

The white-shirt man turns his attention to the brown shirt man’s partner, who also tries to ignore his angry comments. The man continues to rant and rage to the point where the guy in the brown shirt feels the need to come back and b*tch slap the ranting and raging man and put him in his place.


The slap turns into an all-out brawl with both sides attempting to throw some pretty sad punches.


Brown shirt is able to corner white shirt, going to town on the guy before his partner breaks up the fight and gets him to walk away once and for all.


Despite being the obvious weaker link in the fight, the racist proceeds to beg the instigator to come back and continue to fight. The man runs after his enemy inside the restaurant, and the diners continue on as if nothing had happened.

[via BroBible]