Although it feels as if summer is just hitting it’s stride, back-to-school advertisers and pumpkin beer-shilling breweries won’t let us forget that all the blooms will soon die and we’ll soon we shivering in our turtlenecks once again.

So, while watermelon may be the flavor of the moment, pumpkin spice everything is not far off—even in the candy kingdom.

Peeps—the marshmallow company responsible for the neon-colored chicks you indulge in every Easter—has decided to join in on the pumpkin hype, creating pumpkin-spice Peeps for you to enjoy by the end of the month.

Company spokesperson Noelle Porcoro tells Mashable, “Pumpkin Spice is a flavor that has been on-trend, and our research and development team perfected this flavor.”

The new Peeps will be joining the likes of vanilla “American-themed and lemonade chicks in a fall collection that includes caramel apple and candy corn-flavored marshmallows.

So, to recap: An Easter candy became a year-round candy, then hopped on a seasonal trend that has nothing to do with Easter and will release it before the appropriate season even hits. There’s #levels to this capitalism game.

[via Mashable]