Kraft Singles have always served as a grilled-cheese staple. But differentiating between the plastic wrapping and the actual plastic-looking cheese slices is apparently a problem.

The Kraft Heinz Company has recalled 36,000 cases of Kraft Singles after three consumers choked on the plastic wrapping.

The company received 10 complaints and three cases of people who choked on the product, resulting in a recall of three- and four-pound packages of Kraft Singles with a used-by date of Dec. 29, 2015 to Jan. 4, 2016.

According to a statement released by Kraft,

“The Kraft Heinz Company is voluntarily recalling select code dates and manufacturing codes of Kraft Singles individually-wrapped slices due to the possibility that a thin strip of the individual packaging film may remain adhered to the slice after the wrapper has been removed. If the film sticks to the slice and is not removed, it could potentially cause a choking hazard.”

It was the thin strip leftover from the original packaging that served as the choking hazard for the three victims. Kraft has identified the packages effected with this defect as Kraft Singles with the manufacturing code “S54″ or “S55.”

The defective packages were distributed throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Grand Cayman. If you currently own any Kraft Singles with this code, it might be a good idea to toss them out before it’s too late.

[via Mashable]