The current Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is 55 hot dogs long, 18 hot dogs wide, and 25 hot dogs high. But these specifications weren’t part of the game plan back in 1952, when Carl G. Mayer filed the original patent for his sausagefest on wheels.

Although the original patent bears Mayer’s name, industrial designer Brooks Stevens also gets credit for imagining the iconic car. No matter who is responsible for the design, there’s no denying this image forever changed the way America thought about foodstuff-shaped vehicles.

oscar mayer wienermobile patent

The documentary short below shows the original 13-feet-long, windowless Wienermobile, which hit the streets of Chicago long before the patent was filed in 1936.

Today, the new-and-improved Wienermobile rolls around the country promoting the product. Oscar Mayer recruits college graduates to become Wienermobile drivers, or “hotdoggers,” as they’re referred to in the industry.


[via Vox]

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