A neighborhood in Southern Florida woke up to shattered windows and shrapnel scattered across its lawns early Thursday morning after a truck exploded on the street. The blast didn’t come from a mobile meth lab combusting—as you might expect, given that this went down in the Sunshine State—but from a food truck.


NBC Miami reports that according to an initial investigation, the food truck’s 100-gallon propane tank leaked overnight, resulting in a blast that left debris reminiscent of a Michael Bay action flick or a small plane crash. Fortunately, no one was injured in the explosion that shook the residential street; although, two homes had parts of their ceilings fall in as a result.

It’s unclear what the food truck served, or if there are bits of carnitas or carne asada stuck on car windows and condo roofs, but we can assume that the food inside had to go somewhere.


Hopefully the now truck-less owner doesn’t get sued by the neighborhood affected. And hopefully he didn’t plan his own truck’s demise to get an insurance payout.

Whatever the reason for the combustion, just chalk this food-truck fiasco as another reason to stay away from food in Florida.

[via NBC Miami]