Earlier this month, a cloaked person was spotted allegedly dropping raw meat in a playground near Hudson Woods in Gastonia, North Carolina.

The photo, tweeted by a report for the local The Gaston Gazette, shows what appears to be a floating figure. The image provides zero context, leaving the Internet to decided what is actually happening.

Here are our best explanations of what’s going on:

Emperor Palpatine dropping his mixtape—wait no, that’s some chicken.

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A druid controlled by Lil’ B, sent to do perform some Soylent-fueled sorcery on the playground and turn the children into vegetarians

Voldemort out on a grocery run

Voldemort is smiling because a new article on Slytherin is up on geek101podcast.com.

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Someone taking Marshawn Lynch’s chicken wing-in-sock hack to the next level



UPDATE: Turns out the cloaked figure was just a college student working on a school project. While it was reported that the student was dropping raw meat, TMZ reports that nothing was ever found.