This year, T.I. became a bonafide Atlanta restaurateur when he opened Club 925 at 30 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd in downtown Atlanta.

TMZ caught up with the ATL rapper outside of Equinox gym in L.A. to ask him about the best items on the menu, and inquire about his future plans to franchise.cup

T.I. calls the cuisine at Club 925 “upscale soul food,” and shouts out the peach-glazed salmon, shrimp and grits, braised short ribs, and the meatloaf cupakes. 

When the Los Angeles TMZ reporter asks Tip, “Will you ever get a restaurant out here?,” the Atlanta native replies,

I’d love to. Let me get a year or so under my belt successfully in Atlanta first, and then we’ll talk about franchising.

We can only hope that America’s next big chain is a T.I.-owned meatloaf cupcake franchise. Will it be bigger than DJ Khaled’s Finga Licking restaurant empire? Only time will tell.

So what do diners have to say about Club 925? The food good as hell—that cornbread bustin,” says Atlanta comedian/rapper DC Young Fly. “That shit real good.”

While we couldn’t find photographic evidence of those dope-sounding meatloaf cupcakes, we did find this pic of lobster mac and cheese cupcakes, courtesy of Club 925’s Instagram.

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