Have you ever been so torn between your love for McDonald’s and your love for Burger King that you stop at both drive-thrus to combine a Big Mac and a Whopper into one burger? Yeah, we haven’t done that either, but that’s what Burger King wants to make happen on September 21st, the International Day of Peace. The country’s second-largest burger chain, BK, is trying to woo the Golden Arches into joining forces for a one day “cease fire” in the burger wars.

Burger King extended the olive branch through full-page ads in The New York Times and Chicago Tribune, as well as through a dedicated combination website, McWhopper.com, and a taste test on the Today Show.

The chain’s proposal is for a one-day-only combination pop-up store in conjunction with Peace One Day, a nonprofit seeking to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace. At the pop-up, you’d be able to grab a McWhopper, a hybrid of the two chains’ best-selling burgers, and employees would wear dual-logo uniforms.

The proposed pop-up store would be located in Atlanta, halfway between McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago and Burger King in Miami. The King already has a specific spot in mind: a parking lot between two existing Mickey D’s and BK locations.

McWhopper Burger shot

                                               Photo: McWhopper.com

We’re living in a world where mashing up food concepts and brands doesn’t seem that odd, so the McWhopper idea seems solid. NYT has the details on the frankenburger,

“The burgers they would serve might blend the Big Mac’s top bun (Burger King, not surprisingly, calls it a “crown”) and Big Mac sauce with the tomato slices and 4-ounce meat patty from the Whopper, among other things.

One sticking point might be the ketchup. McDonald’s famously stopped using Heinz ketchup when 3G bought the company, and Burger King has suggested using it on the McWhopper.”

UPDATE: McDonald’s has officially declined Burger King’s proposal to collaborate on a “McWhopper” for world peace. Bummer for both the nonprofit and fast-food fans.

[via New York TimesMcWhopper]

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