The world’s largest Entertainment McDonald’s & PlayPlace is being built from the ground up on Orlando’s International Drive.

In addition to being gigantic, this McD’s location will feature what Orlando Business Journal calls “an exclusive open design pizza and pasta kitchen centered around a wood-fire oven.”

You read that right: McDonald’s is going Italian, and there will be an open kitchen. The new location will also feature a Create Your Taste kiosk, but Business Insider reports that it’s just one of many locations that will be installing the custom burger kiosks across the country.

mozzarella sticks

Can McChicken Parm and McMozzarella Sticks be far behind? They’re not officially on the menu (yet), but here’s hoping. Another new item that is officially on the menu is chicken quesadillas—further cementing the Golden Arches’ love of what makes Americans happiest.

The new location will be a whopping three-stories tall and cover 19,000 square feet of space. It will also feature swipe-card arcade games and a larger bakery selection. The design is also more environmentally friendly, featuring LED lighting fixtures inside and out, as well as a special energy management system that will monitor all power usage to optimize efficiency. Is this the McDonald’s of the future?

While McDonald’s chicken quesadillas and McPizza may be exciting to Americans, they’re nothing compared to what the Golden Arches offers internationally. McD’s serves a panko-crusted Filet-O-Shrimp burger in Japan, and fried chicken with spaghetti in the Philippines.

That’s great, but when can we get our McPizzas? we hear you asking. The new location—which is also currently the only one planned to serve McPizza and McPasta—will open in February 2016.

[via Orlando Business Journal]