Last night, Kanye stole the show at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards with a classic Yeezy rant tackling everything from his 2020 presidential bid, to the time he saw Justin Timberlake crying after not winning a Grammy. But the most perplexing part of the speech for many viewers was Ye’s off-handed claim that he sometimes goes to the grocery store with daughter North West to buy “fresh juice.”

We’re sitting here picturing North riding in the shopping cart while Kanye spends an hour looking for the gallon of milk that expires a week later than all the rest. Then, of course, they take a helicopter home. The real question is: How many times has Kanye interrupted someone in the express line to tell them that they have 13 items?

But what if the self-proclaimed god was just one of us, a normal guy who needs fresh-pressed, organic beet juice for his growing child? The general public isn’t buying it.

We hopped on Twitter for some of the best reactions to Kanye’s claims of domesticity.

No word on whether he goes to Whole Foods with no shoes now that the Yeezy Boost is out.