If you haven’t caught an episode of Hot Ones yet, here’s the deal: Celebrities come to our office. We make them eat progressively spicier wings and answer all of our burning questions. Lips go numb. Manners go out the window. Shit gets weird.

For our latest showdown, we welcomed none other than Ja Rule—the hitmaker behind the greatest R&B-rap collabos of all time, and the star of the new MTV reality series Follow the Rules


As we know from his infamous beef with 50 Cent, Ja doesn’t back down from a challenge, so we weren’t surprised to see him grapple admirably with the likes of Blair’s Death Sauce, Dave’s Insanity Sauce, and Mad Dog 357.

Turns out, the onslaught of habaneros and Scotch bonnets were like a truth serum for the Grammy-nominated star, who opened up about stereotyping in the media, the Drake vs. Meek Mill, and the legacy of “Thug Lovin'” condoms.

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