If you thought you were a Chipotle fanatic, meet Dylan Grosz, an intern at Apartment List. Like any good Chipotle disciple, Grosz decided to do God’s work and give back to the community by finding out how we can all get the most out of our burritos.

Using science, Grosz conducted an experiment with the objective of finding the best way to maximize a Chipotle order without raising the price. The experiment involved using Grosz’s self-proclaimed “geeky love for data” and “his black hole of a belly” to order 35 burritos (five each day) for the sake of science. After he collected the burritos, he weighed the ingredients to determine the total size of each and how they differed from one another.

According to Grosz’s findings, there are six hacks you can employ to maximize your Chipotle order. If you’re able to follow the list below, you can reap the benefits of a 32oz burrito (that’s almost double the size of the original 17oz burrito).


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1. Get a burrito bowl with a tortilla on the side

Grosz found, to the disappointment of everyone who thought a bowl was the healthier option, that when ordering a burrito bowl you accumulate 15% more food than with a burrito alone.

2. Double wrap your burrito

Not only will you increase the calories of your meal, but you’ll also make your meal 25% bigger than its original size. The only down side is you have to wrap the burrito yourself. That’s a small price to pay for luxury, fam.

3. Order white and brown rice

Grosz found that if you ask your server for both types of rice, he or she will give you 93% more rice, at no additional cost.

4. Order both types of beans

Similar to the rice idea, servers will provide you with 92% more beans if you ask for both.

5. Ask for a half portion of two meats

Grosz discovered that if you ask your server for half chicken and half steak, he or she will provide you with 54% more meat. But remember: you may be charged extra if you choose to split one of the more costly meats.

6. Load up on add-ons

Everyone knows Chipotle is great for their salsa and guac, but many forget to utilize their fajita veggies and corn options. Grosz states that by opting for corn and fajitas, you are increasing the weight of your burrito by about 15%. woww

Chart via Apartment List

[via Apartment List]

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