The goal of playing soccer as a kid is to get pizza. You run around, kick the ball, eat orange slices at halftime (with a Capri Sun if you’re lucky), and pray that your parents will take you out for pies after the game.

German soccer team Borussia Dortmund apparently felt the same way, until the team’s new manager, Thomas Tuchel, took over and put the kibosh on the pizza party.

After finishing an awful season last year, Tuchel has brought Dartmund to a 2-0 record in the league with two 4-0 blowouts to start this year’s season. One major change stands out as a possible factor in the team’s success: no more carbs.

According to Fox Sports, the Dortmund team of past years had been known to order pizza and pasta to practices. It’s not clear if the full Italian meals were eaten during, before, or after practice, but that’s a lot of carbs to have around. It was also reported that Mats Hummels, the team’s captain, blamed his own struggles last year on being out of shape.

It hasn’t been specified what the team’s new-and-improved diet consists of, but according to new evidence, even fast-food burgers would benefit the team more than their previous diet of penne and pies.

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