Noisey and Pitchfork contributor Paul Thompson tweeted a picture of what appears to be Atlanta rapper Future’s hospitality rider.

We’re having a hard time believing this is real, given that it doesn’t list Sprite (or Codeine). But Thompson insists that it is.

That leaves us wondering: Is fresh white powder doughnuts a euphemism?

The Atlanta rapper also insists that his rider includes Moët Rosé, white cheddar popcorn, Peanut M&Ms, chicken fingers, hot mint and green tea, and (wait for it) Le Labo Candles, preferably lemongrass-scented. The man’s got good taste.

Future’s demands might seem over-the-top, but artists are notorious for their insanely extravagant requests. Rappers such as Lil Wayne, DMX, Drake, and Diddy also have out-of-the-ordinary necessities when it comes to putting on a show.

[via Twitter/@paulxt]