Farmers in the UK are protesting low milk prices by leading dairy cows through supermarkets. A protest began at Walmart-owned Asda supermarket in Stafford, where two cows led a trail of 70 people into the grocery store.

Protesters began clearing the shelves of what they believe to be underpriced milk while leading cows up and down the aisles. Asda currently charges customers 89 pence (or $1.38 USD) for four pints of milk, which farmers believe to be much too low. It costs farmers between 30 pence and 35 pence to produce a liter of milk, and they’re only being paid 23 pence per litre.

One protester states, “If milk starts that cheap, in 6 months time there will be no fresh milk for this country.”cow

The protest was organized and calm, and the protesters were courteous to make room for shoppers to pass. When security began forcing the cattle out of the store, the farmers politely asked the guards to be gentle with the cows.


This is not the first time a protest has been staged involving dairy cows. Earlier this month, BBC reported a protest almost identical in nature at grocer chain Morrison’s.

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