It’s the NBA off-season and all bets on a healthy diet are off for Dwight Howard.

With a history of a junk-food addiction and love for steaks, the 6’11, 265-pound Houston Rockets Center is no stranger to eating calorie-dense meals. So it’s no surprise that Howard went hard at his local Waffle House this morning, breaking down his feasting strategy for his Instagram fans.

Waffle House is life.

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The NBA star started off his two-course breakfast with a balanced meal consisting of a huge steak, a bowl of grits, scrambled eggs, and some toast.

All done. Rd 2 coming u digg.

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Seeing as Dwight Howard is a professional athlete who works out for a living, he wolfed down that meal in a flash, taking a photo to document his accomplishment. But, of course, he wasn’t actually all done.

Oh ok.

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You can’t go to Waffle House without ordering a waffle, so after Howard’s first course, he ends his meal with a waffle bigger than his hand.

The main takeaway here? Howard’s simple reminder that “Da house got that ⛽️.”

[via Instagram/@DwightHoward]