Travelers going through Denver International Airport with a hankering for Chick-fil-A are out of luck.

The Denver City Council stalled the fast-food chain’s attempt at opening at the airport for “moral” reasons. The City Council cited the company’s opposition to gay marriage, saying,

“When Denver International Airport proposed a concession with a company that had a history of funding opposition to this recognition, it was important that we as a City Council take a pause to ensure that all the policies are in place with all of the entities involved to ensure there will be no discrimination, and that benefits will be provided equally to all employees and their spouses, regardless of their sexual orientation.”

Back in 2013, after the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples were entitled to federal benefits, Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy tweeted,


Then in June of this year, when the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage across the U.S., Cathy kept quiet. Still, various members of the Denver City Council see the chicken sandwich chain as an anti-LGBT organization.

According to the Denver Post, the City Council’s first openly gay member, Robin Kniech, said she was most concerned about a Denver Chick-fil-A franchise generating “corporate profits used to fund and fuel discrimination.”

In an effort to win the permit, the Chick-fil-A franchisee is adamant that non-discriminational hiring practices would be put in place. But is that just the company’s way of saying, “Sure, we’ll hire you, but we’re going to use all our corporate profits to try and make your life worse”? Who knows.

The Council has stalled the vote for two weeks, and will decide to either reject or accept the lease proposal thereafter.

[via Denver Post]