At first glance, Chicago’s Ed Debevic’s may look like a typical American diner, but a quick browse through their Yelp page will show you the service is anything but ordinary.

A recent viral video posted to Facebook shows a waitress named Cherry dishing out some sass while taking a family’s order. She takes jabs at each person’s order, critiquing their menu choices and refusing to refill drinks. Some members of the family seem shocked that service like this exists—but many Ed Debevic’s patrons travel to the diner because of its rude servers.

At Ed Debevic’s, the staff is paid to be rude to its customers, priding itself on its ill-mannered waiters and waitresses. Cherry explains to her table that she would probably get fired if she was too nice to people.

“If I was nice to you, I’d get canned. If you want good service, you go somewhere else. I know Hooters is probably more your speed but you came here on purpose.”

The video of Cherry’s service has since gone viral, shooting Cherry (a.k.a. Kryssie), to internet stardom.

You can catch Kryssie’s hilarious reactions to her newfound fame on her Instagram page. Someone get this girl a reality TV series right quick.

[via Time]