When it came out on Netflix earlier this year, everyone from EW to the New York Times was buzzing about the docuseries Chef’s Table, which zeroes in on the lives of high-profile chefs like Dan Barber and Magnus Nilsson. The NYT wrote that the made-for-Netflix series focused on “creative culinary geniuses trying, with only partial success, to put their craft into words.”

Now, someone has ethered the fine-dining world with a hysterical Chef’s Table parody video.

The video begins with a critic who is very much drinking the Food Illuminati Cool Aid, talking about an “adorable shit hole under the highway in Long Island City.” Sounds a bit like Hugue Dufour’s M. Well’s, don’t it?ha

The critic says the restaurant’s chef is “the greatest chef of the 21st century.” What does the gullible critic eat at the outer borough shit hole? Soup covered in flies—obviously poking fun of the live shrimp covered in ants at Nomaand a “stepped on torta,” which makes us immediately think of Massimo Bottura’s “Oops, I dropped the lemon tart” dessert.

About the sex-crazed, garbage-cooking Latin cocinero, one Michelin Tire Division critic says, “There are no English words to describe what he is doing, only French words like incroyable, magnifique, and Depardieu.”

This Chef’s Table parody, written and directed by Trevor Williams, is the most amusing food-world satire since Chef Jacques La Merde’s Instagram account.

[via YouTube, Grub Street]