Burger King is quietly crushing the competition by giving the people what they want (namely, Chicken Fries).

After discontinuing Chicken Fries, one of its most popular items, in 2012, Burger King decided to bring them back and make the poultry fries a limited-release product. It wasn’t long before chicken fries gained a cult following.

Now, BK is attempting to monopolize on the menu item’s success, while entering the spicy fast-food game, with its new Fiery Chicken Fries. 

The chicken fingers, which look like giant Flaming Hot Cheetos, will be released this week. Eric Hirschhorn, the restaurant’s chief of marketing, tells Bloomberg, “We wanted to make sure it delivered for people who like spicy food… The idea is that it’s so spicy it might actually offend you.”

Burger King is not the first restaurant chain attempting to bait diners with spicy menu items. Earlier this year, Wendy’s introduced ghost pepper fries and chicken sandwiches, while Carl’s Jr. debuted its El Diablo burger. The increase in spicy fast-food is a way for restaurants to target Millennials, who have become obsessed with chili chasing and putting Sriracha on anything and everything. These same young guns eat some of the world’s hottest peppers in hopes of becoming viral YouTube sensations.

Bloomberg reports that the Fiery Chicken Fries will be sold for at least a month. We just wish they were breaded with Flaming Hot Cheetos and served with a side of ghost pepper sauce for dipping.

[via Bloomberg]