A mother of three who lives in Birmingham, England recently dropped half of her body weight by cutting Coca-Cola out of her diet.

Sarah Turner, who went from 245 pounds to 126 pounds, was drinking four liters of Coke a day before she started her wildly successful health kick.


Turner, who is a single mother, said that she felt the need to change her eating habits so that she could spend more time playing with her three children and less time on the couch.

I was definitely addicted,” Turner told The Daily Mirror. “I could drink Coke all day and not think of the effect it had on me. I was always tired and had no energy to do anything but now I can take my children out and run round in the park with them.”


Turner tells the Mirror that she eats less take-out as well. But she allegedly still refuses to eat fruits, vegetables, and salad, which begs the question… what is she eating? Sounds like another paleo fanatic to us.

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