No one understands the power of Chipotle better than Big Sean. Let’s not forget the time when Sean Don treated fans at a NYC Chipotle to free food, nor the fact that endless burrito bowls helped mend the rapper’s broken heart.

To show its appreciation for Big Sean’s Chipotle love, the chain issued the Detroit rapper a VIP burrito card that gives Sean access to free Chipotle wherever and whenever he wants.

Blessed with this VIP card! free chipotle everyday its lit! 🙏

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Because a lifetime supply of free Chipotle wasn’t enough, the chain also catered his dressing room when he performed at Red Rocks in Denver over the weekend.

Granted, Sean already ate Chipotle every day, but now he’ll be getting his carnitas burritos and bowls au gratis. Who’s jealous?

Sean’s relationship with the chain goes way back. The spark between the two can be traced back to 2011, when Sean announced publicly on his Facebook page that he was “addicted to Chipotle.”


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