Step aside, human baby burritos—we’ve discovered something even more endearing.

It turns out that wrapping owls up like burritos to weigh them is actually “a common practice by researchers and vets,” according to Gizmodo.

Here’s a video of Sarah Eisenhauer, a wildlife keeper at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, weighing a Northern Saw-whet Owl after sustaining a fracture in his wing. The little guy was found in someone’s backyard in Montpelier, VT, and likely hurt itself by flying into a gate or getting hit by a car.

Northern Saw-whets typically weigh between 0.15 and 0.22 pounds. Here’s a picture of the baby Saw-whet Owl one day after his admission to VINS.


We know you want to spend the rest of your day looking at baby owl burritos, so here’s another one for you, courtesy of the CA Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center.

This little nugget looks like he’s ready for a day at the spa, or primed to be sold to a hungry resident of San Francisco’s Mission District.



Now that we’re on the topic, did you know you can purchase a tortilla swaddle blanket and matching hat, so you can wrap your baby to look just like a delicious burrito?


Photo: Bon Vivant Baby

And you can do the same thing to your cat.



But if you want to get really crazy, you can wrap a newborn puppy in an actual tortilla, like this.


Photo: Reddit

So cute you could eat it up, amirite?

[via Gizmodo]