An ingenious interactive map from New Maps Plus and FloatingSheep project shows the likelihood of people tweeting about specific beers and beer types across the U.S. As the creators put it, with the map you can “explore the haze of beer tweets gently drifting over the United States.”

Data for the map was pulled from the Dolly project, a repository of billions of geolocated tweets that allows for real-time research and analysis, according to Floating Sheep.

What we’ve already gleaned from the map: Michigan loves Oktoberfest, Cali has allegiance to Corona while Texas is devoted to Dos Equis, and much more. Head here to play with the interactive #beerTweets map and mine for further beer insight.

But before you begin, know that more saturated (darker) colors indicate a higher probability of tweets containing the selected beer type.


And when comparing one beer to another, here’s the breakdown of what colors indicate what probability of tweets:


Here are a few observations we made while searching the probability of Tweets mentioning specific beers and beer styles.


What the map shows: Michigan loves it some Oktoberfest.


Saison farmhouse ale

What the map shows: Coastal cities are big into saison.


Corona vs. Dos Equis

What the map shows: Americans tend to Tweet about Dos Equis in Texas, and Corona in California and Florida.


Bud Light vs. Coors Light

What the map shows: Regions west of the Mississippi tend to prefer Coors Light.

tweeet[via New Maps Plus and FloatingSheep]