Queens-bred rapper/chef Action Bronson hits the rooftops of New York City to prepare poke two ways in the latest episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious.

Bam Bam says he’s “feeling very Jamie Oliver” as he tosses half-inch cubes of big eye tuna with Vidalia onion, soy sauce, sesame oil, purple scallions, togarashi, and the works. “I’ve been dreaming about poke since the Hawaii trip, man,” says Bronsolini, referring to last winter when he cooked for the surfers at the Pipeline Masters competition.


While in Oahu, Bronson hit up Kahuku Superrette with producer The Alchemist, who explains, “I travel the earth for the best poke—I scour. This might be it right here.” “This is much better than any bodega i’ve been in,” notes Bronson.


Poke (pronouced poh-khay) is the Hawaiian word for ‘to chop’ or ‘to cut crosswise.’ According to L.A. food writer Clarissa Wei,

“In its earliest form, poke was simply pieces of raw fish and seaweed flavored with a relish made of roasted kukui nuts and pa’akai (fresh salt). It was a dish rarely seen outside the homes of fishermen and only started to gain wider popularity during the 21st century. The dish began evolving with the help of Japanese and mainland America influences. Red chilies and raw onions were added. Soy sauce, sesame oil, furikake, ginger, and garlic were also thrown in.”

The Alchemist and Bronson aren’t the only ones obsessed with poke—the Hawaiian specialty has crossed over to the mainland and is having a moment. Check out these 10 awesome Los Angeles poke spots if you want to cop some poke for yourself; or, if you’d like to try your hand at making poke at home, you can find Bam Bam’s tuna poke and golden beet poke recipe here. Trust us, it’s fire.

Exclusive Vegetarian version of the North Shore Poké with roasted Golden Beets. #Fuckthatsdelicious

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