At 11:30pm on July 29th, restaurant manager Mary Elizabeth Dalton called the Delaware police, claiming a thief held her at gun point and stole $2,800 dollars. But after further investigation, police found Dalton to be a prime suspect.

The half-cocked scheme took a turn after Dalton’s partner, who was also her nephew, turned himself in. According to The Daily Meal, the nephew Jajuan Davis-Williams “admitted to police that he and Dalton had been planning the robbery for the last two weeks.”

Davis-Williams explains he only received $300 out of the $2,800 for his efforts, while his aunt kept the rest. Dalton’s alibi tells a different story, as she explains her nephew kept all the money with the exception of one thousand dollars.

While it has not yet been decided which criminal is telling the truth, both are facing charges for robbery and one count of terroristic threats.

[via The Daily Meal]