The competitive nature of sports often brings out the worst in us—try as we might to hold back our rage for an opposing team, we’re utterly helpless in controlling our emotions when it comes to the thought of taking home a trophy.

Hardcore fans have become notorious for engaging in ludicrous behavior, and many are even willing to break the rules to carry on age-old customs—like chucking octopuses or tossing severed pig heads at players.

These instances of fans hurling food and drinks at players demonstrate just how far they’re willing to go to prove their love for their team (or utter disgust for an opponent).

Here are the 10 most notable moments in sports food-throwing history. 

1. Banana Insult

Sport: Soccer
Team: FC Barcelona
Player: Dani Alves

What happened: Barcelona’s Dani Alves dealt with an act of blatant racism after a Villarreal fan chucked a banana his way. The Brazilian soccer player decided to overcome the jab with a little bit of humor: he immediately swooped up the banana and took a bite before continuing the match. Meanwhile, the fan was handed a lifetime ban by the La Liga club.

2. Hamburger Shower

Sport: Hockey
Team: Ottawa Senators
Player: Curtis Lazar

What happened: After the Ottawa Senators beat the Bruins 6-4, fans made it rain hamburgers in honor of goalie Andrew Hammond, who sports the McDonald’s Hamburglar on his mask. Although the burgers were not aimed specifically at Senator player Curtis Lazar, he still wanted to take part in the moment. Watch as he skates over to a lonesome burger and thanks the audience for the free snack.

3. Popcorn Plunk

Sport: Football
Team: San Francisco 49ers
Player: Navarro Bowman

What happened: After the San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman left the game with a knee injury during a 2014 Championship game against the Seahawks that resulted from Bowman “clearly stripping the ball from Seattle wide receiver Jermaine Kearse,” Seahawks fans were furious. As Bowman left the field to tend to his injury, fans began raining popcorn on the player.

4. Dead Duck Toss

Sport: Hockey
Team: Anaheim Ducks

What happened: A San Jose Sharks fan was able to sneak a dead duck into the arena where the Sharks and the Anaheim Ducks were competing. The duck, a not-so-subtle threat to the Anaheim squad, was thrown over the glass and onto the ice after the Ducks beat San Jose 3-2.

5. Beer Bottle Mayhem

Team: Cleveland Browns
Sport: Football

What happened: Back in 2001, the Cleveland Browns trailed the Jacksonville Jaguars by 15-10 on their home turf. After a ref dubbed an integral Browns pass incomplete at the end of the game, fans went crazy. The audience began to chuck beer bottles at players and officials, leading the stadium to ban bottles from ever entering the premise again.

6. Toffee Shower

Sport: Soccer
Team: South Korean 2014 World Cup Soccer Team

What happened: After the men’s South Korean soccer team returned home following an ugly performance in the 2014 World Cup, fans greeted the team by making it rain toffee candies. The team can be seen standing there confused as the angry fan screams while throwing yeot candies, which carry a derogatory connotation.

7. Octopus Celebration

Sport: Hockey
Team: Detroit Red Wings

What happened: There are plenty of sporting traditions, but few are as incredible as the Detroit Red Wings octopus toss, better known as the “Legend of the Octopus.” The ritual, which dates back to 1952, involves a Red Wings fan chucking an octopus onto the ice. The octopus’ eight legs represent the number of Playoff wins the team must complete before moving on to the Stanley Cup.

8. Shark Scare Tactic

Sport: Hockey
Team: San Jose Sharks

What happened: While the legend of the octopus might be fun for Red Wings fans, others aren’t so keen on the tradition. At a San Jose Sharks game against the Detroit Red Wings, a Sharks fan managed to stitch together a shark and an octopus to make it appear as though the shark was consuming the octopus. The Frankenstein creation managed to make it into the arena, where it was thrown onto the ice to symbolize that fact that the Red Wings were going down.

9. Beer Night Riots

Sport: Baseball
Team: Cleveland Indians

What happened: What began as a 10-cent beer night promotion back in 1974 ended in a riot when the Cleveland Indians lost against the Texas Rangers. For one dollar, fans were able to buy five beers and a ticket to the game, causing many of the fans to become insanely drunk (you know where this is going). The fans began running onto the field and harassing the players, which eventually turned into a full-on mob.

10. Pig Head Pandemonium

Sport: Soccer
Team: Real Madrid
Player: Luís Figo

What happened: This dark and historic moment began after Luís Figo’s first returned to Camp Nou after he left team Barcelona. A Catalan butcher snuck a severed pig’s head into the stadium and threw it onto the field in the hopes that the head would hit the player. The fan chose the pig head to insult Figo, symbolizing that he was a “pig” for leaving Barcelona and joining their most hated rivals.