After a successful attempt at consuming 10 hardboiled eggs inside a bowl of ramen, Rocket News 24 reporter P.J. decided to take the next step in his impressive personal noodle showdown and order ramen with 100 slices of chashu pork. 

While chashu pork is typically an accoutrement to a ramen dish, P.J. decided to make the meat his main course. He travelled to the Japanese ramen chain Ishiyaki Ramen Kazan, a restaurant notorious for serving ramen with up to 30 slices of chashu pork instead of the traditional single slice.

When the reporter asked the restaurant if they would be willing to make him a bowl with 100 slices of meat, the restaurant owner replied, “OK, as long as it’s just this one time.”

After documenting the process of crafting a mountain of pork into a bowl of ramen, P.J. went to work. According to Rocket News 24, the meat had just the right amount of fat, allowing for the reporter to consume the pork at about three slices per minute.

At around 10-minutes, he began to get full and eventually gave up around the 40-slice mark.

Although the task proved to be a challenge for P.J., Rocket News provides the public the Japanese phrase for “Is it OK I order 100 slices of chashu?” (Chashu hyaku mai de mo daijobu desu ka?) to see if anyone up for the task is able to beat the record set by P.J.

[via Rocket News 24]